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We, at Infinity Services Inc, have carved a niche in the field of blockchain app development developing and, deploying custom decentralized blockchain application and infrastructure support to fast forward your business. We work to advance decentralized web technology using open source blockchain technologies and deploying solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM Cloud.

Immutable smart contracts for blockchains have a broad range of applications spanning ecommerce, finance, real estate, supply chain management, healthcare, government and regulatory bodies, etc.

Our Expertise:

  • Smart Contracts/Chaincode

  • dApp

  • NFTs

  • DEX

  • DeFi 2.0

Infinity Services Inc. is excited to work with IBM, AWS and Hortonworks solutions


What we do

Our team of consultants will help you move from the ideation phase through the validation phase. Our full service will provide you with the necessary expertise to iterate on your solution and create a clear plan to bring your idea to life. By the end of our collaboration, our team of engineers and business strategists will work with you to develop a go-to-market strategy and a Minimal Viable Product that will equip you to begin raising money and acquiring customers.

Who you are

You are an entrepreneur or  company interested in the promises of decentralized blockchain solutions. You have an idea that will make a meaningful impact on those it reaches. You need experienced and connected blockchain developers to help make your vision a reality. Concrete needs we have seen:

  • Blockchain developers to create and iterate on an an MVP
  • Business strategists to create a go to market strategy
  • Financial experts who understand blockchain and can create accurate models.

Technical Projects

When you decide to work with us, a project coordinator will reach out to you to set up an introductory call, allowing us to learn more about your project and for you to learn more about us. When both parties are comfortable moving forward, a second meeting will be scheduled. Infinity’s consultants will learn the specific details of the project and create an outline of the entire consulting process. Once both parties are comfortable with the agreed upon project outline, our team of consultants will begin work! Regularly scheduled check-ins with the project coordinator will keep you up-to-date with the progress we have made on your product.


Implementing a solution does not have to be fraught with uncertainties and risks. A POC implemented within a couple of months can help lay a significantly strong foundation to be built on. A POC includes an end-to-end working prototype of the blockchain solution.

21 things to consider before you embark on your enterprise blockchain project:

  1. Do you need to prove to others you transact or report accurately?
  2. Do you often share information, credentials or value with others?
  3. Is there presence of intermediaries to enable trust today?
  4. Are you managing contractual relationships?
  5. Do you want/need to enable transparency of transactions?
  6. Do you need transaction privacy?
  7. Do you need transaction anonymity?
  8. Is there inefficiency or manual hand-offs between parties?
  9. Is there potential to monetise the data or digital assets in your value chain in future?
  10. Do you have a network of participants (i.e. more than two)?
  11. Does more than one participant need to update the records/data?
  12. Are you dependent on other stakeholders for information?
  13. Is there a need for a controlling / regulating authority among the participants?
  14. Is there scope to open the ecosystem to ancillary parties in the future?
  15. Are there clear standards for artefacts and activities?
  16. Is it easy to digitise assets in your value chain (if not digital already)?
  17. Do you need to store a rich or complex data structure?
  18. Is there an ongoing need for high data /transaction throughput?
  19. Do you need public data sources to inform activities or decisions? (e.g. market data, prices, geolocation, weather)
  20. Do you own the problem?… Or is this an industry-wide challenge?
  21. Can it be done better today with another technology / technologies? Have you made an objective, quantifiable comparison?

About Infinity Services Inc.

Founded in 1999 by Mehul Shah, Infinity Services Inc. is a NJ, USA based corporation within close proximity of New York city and Philadelphia. Infinity Services has provided system integration services across business domains with clients that include McGraw Hill, College Board, Sbarro, Mitsui Foods, New York Shipping Association and Medical Center at Princeton among others. Infinity Services also has a development team in India.

Infinity Services is currently engaged in helping clients deploy blockchain solutions using the Hyperledger Fabric framework along with Hyperledger Composer for quick prototyping and primarily Angular or React front-ends with an emphasis on blockchain for business.

Mehul is a forward-thinking, business-minded executive with rich experience as a leader, strategist, and innovator entrenched in the design and development of enterprise applications. Mehul is resolute and committed to helping clients analyze opportunities, anticipate trends, and create technologies that align with operational requirements and increased profitability.

Mehul is a top-five winner in IBM’s and Global Citizen’s Blockchain Competition with 1000+ participants, click here for details.

Board of advisers across multiple domains

David DeMuth
David DeMuthFinancial Management and Accounting
David DeMuth, a co-founder of CFO Consulting Partners, is co-head of the firm’s Transaction/M&A and Private Equity practices. David is a member of Financial Executives International (FEI), Turn Around Management Association (TMA), XPX (Exit Planning) Association, Association for Corporate Growth (ACG), National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) and the Princeton Chamber of Commerce.
Mario Tamasi
Mario TamasiCommercial Real Estate
Mario has over 32 years of experience in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry including self-storage projects, convention centers, solar projects, and medical office properties. Early in his career he was also involved in the acquisition, development, management, and disposition of a sixteen-hotel property portfolio. Mario is heavily involved with finance, portfolio asset management and financial investments.
Tomas Wiemer
Tomas WiemerProcurement and Compliance
Global Sourcing and Procurement Leader possessing a winning blend of team leadership, strategic talent, and communications acumen. Skilled in managing large, complex global procurement negotiations and operations. He has held numerous leadership positions in multiple industries including: specialty chemicals (Solvay), flavor and fragrances (Firmenich), and most recently telecommunications (Nokia).
Ron Keegan
Ron KeeganPharmaceuticals
Ron started his career as Research Scientist at RIMB (Roche Institute of Molecular Biology), working on separation of proteins and biologicals for R&D. Ron’s more recent experience was at Ranbaxy/Sun working in the generic pharmaceuticals market, including the introduction of Atorvastatin (generic Lipitor) into North America. During the first 6 months of first-to-file marketing, Ranbaxy gained a 44% share of the market and posted over $600 million in sales revenue.
Mavrick Barona
Mavrick BaronaBehavioral Economics
Maverick is CEO of the Roclin Group that is working on a centrally organized decentralized entity (CODE) business developing a blockchain backed open Marketplace Platform for Social Data. Maverick is exploring relationships to data use and technology as infrastructure through human oriented design with a belief in opportunity and accessibility as central to mobility. Maverick is also adept in design and integrating detailed patterns in heaps of data as a skilled researcher.


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