Infinity’s Streaming JSON payload simulator is a real-time streaming JSON payload generator, ideal for your prototyping and load testing requirements.

  • Fully customizable schemas so the data looks and feels like your own

  • Fully integrated with Apache NiFi providing unparalleled scalability

  • Simulate 1000’s of concurrent devices and payloads

  • Configure the payload for a combination of static and dynamic values

  • Stream data to Kafka, MQTT broker, Logs, etc

  • Specify how many records are generated in each batch (for instance 100), how long the simulator will run (for instance 10 hours) or for how many batches (for instance 500) and the pause between subsequent batches of payloads (for instance 2 seconds)

The perfect solution to build out a robust data pipeline without ordering or installing a single IoT device just got easier!


Orchestrate ingestion, persistence and analytics on the cheap with simulated data, create realistic reports and dashboards


Projects are complex and cost overruns are commonplace when venturing into uncharted territories, use the simulator to budget for time and material resources


Designed to validate assumptions and help unearth the unanticipated saving you time and money and improving the odds of project success


Load testing and sizing deployments for CPU, Memory, Storage, Network Devices, etc can be tricky, use the simulator to help design the deployment architecture

Faster Project Implementations

Prototype to evaluate new designs and use the lessons learnt to build specifications for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one. Infinity’s JSON Payload Simulator can help with your Proof-of-Principle Prototype, Working Prototype, Visual Prototype, User Experience Prototype, and Functional Prototype needs. Load testing is a breeze with the JSON Payload Simulator by turning up the dial on 100’s or 1000’s of payloads per second.

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