Mehul ShahFounder - Infinity Services Inc.

Notwithstanding the immortality conferred on John Doe by popular culture, permitted the luxury of banal permissiveness, picture John Doe tethering to inhale his next breath. Aghast, the attending nurse Jackie strategizes on a Hail Mary heave. Out comes her smartphone, a few taps, a search for panacea on a blockchain network and bingo! Fast forward a day, happy to report, John Doe is effervescent, alive and kicking relegated to the annals of immortality again.

Incredulous you say? If you belong to a camp that claims Bitcoin in all its glory has never been a panacea, it is time for you to divest the notion Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are synonymous to blockchain. Think of the blockchain instead as a database of immutable records that is difficult to hack.

The reason blockchain technology has been successful powering Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the property of immutability and trust in the sanctity of the data. The naysayers are of course right, security breaches have and will continue to transpire. The interminable march to perfection continues…

So how did Jackie find panacea on the blockchain network?

Contemplate these possibilities:

  • Jackie searched a blockchain network for the location of a drug not widely available and found it at pharmacy within a matter of seconds
  • Jackie accessed a blockchain network to personalize an incantation for John Doe (read a complete history of John Doe’s past medical records across providers)

A rainbow of possibilities await the unleashing of your creativity, help shape the conversation on how the world will be a better place by committing the irrefutable to a blockchain. And remember the the benefits of the irrefutable permeate beyond healthcare.